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Music was a big part of my life growing up. I was a B-Boy before I played any sort of sports.  Growing up in Rochester, NY, I can say I was exposed to a lot of culture and music.  Back when I was growing up, music programs were still a part of the schools’ curriculums. That also helped my passion for music to grow. After relocating to Orlando, Florida in my mid-teen years, I grew a different passion for music. I ended up meeting two artists that I call family, Mike G. and his brother T-gR@y. The talent that was held between the two inspired me greatly. I was inspired to the point that I knew what I needed to do; help showcase talents like these! After learning much of the instrumental production side of music from T-gR@y, I quickly turned to the audio engineering aspect of music production. Along the way, I have met and worked with many artists such as Sean Dillanger, Dan Buddah, Droe, Ttaev and other Orlando based artists. PhiveGod EP was my first solo project. Dan Buddah’s "Medicated Meditations" was my first project done for an artist. After about four years of exploring and doing things on my own, I decided to head to Full Sail University to increase my knowledge on this passion and solidify professionalism along with a form of certification for being a professional, Bachelors Degree of Science. I graduated July 2016 with my B.S. in Recording Arts. At Full Sail, I was exposed to different genres of music, different gear/equipment, different programs, the music industry, the audio industry, and much more. Instrumental production is still a key service I provide. Audio tracking and mixing is my main focus. I continue to run a mobile studio and multi-media service in the Central Florida area ( The main HQ will be coming soon to Orlando, FL!


The memory always pops up of me walking into a Sony store and staring at their demo TV for about forty-five minutes, amazed at the process of traditional glass art creation. Years after that with not one thought of glass art in my mind, I landed a job at a local smoke shop while I was attending college. The pieces of art that were in this shop combined with the expansion of glass knowledge led to a quick interest in the craft. I started collecting art pieces that really caught my attention and that inspired me. Simply put, I grew a huge appreciation for the art form and a passion to create. As with music, I chose to dive in right away. I ended up taking a slightly different approach with this fine art. After acquiring the tools necessary to start my glass journey, I headed out to Arizona for a week crash course with my mentor and amazing glass artist, Know Ego Glass Art. Shortly after returning, my art started to hit the shelves of local shops in Orlando, Florida. GodBody Glass Art has become the name and face for all the glass art produced. I have produced well over eight hundred of my signature LilyPad Dabbers for the Central Florida area alone. With one more glass class under my belt, I added techniques to the arsenal, which produced different pieces such as the Honey Drip BassHead Pendants, Flower Implosions, disk flips and much more. Dreamcatcher Pendants are another one of my signature products and can be found in both Florida and California. Fortunately, I have been blessed to have already participated in a hand full of glass demos in Orlando, FL. YOU CAN FIND MY WORK FOR SALE VIA THE GLASS ART INSTARGAM (, DIRECTLY THROUGH ME, OR CERTAIN SHOPS (The Proper Pipe 1 & 2 [Orlando, FL], New Galaxy Gifts 1, 2, 3 [Orlando, FL], Farenhyte Smoke Shop [Altamonte, FL], DragonHeadz Smoke Shop [Sarasota, FL], Irie Coast Poway [Poway, CA], United Smoke Shop [El Cajon, CA], and a few other places! 




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